"The MLI group are exceptional in what they do and I found this training to be an extremely valuable resource personally and professionally." SE, Executive Assistant, IL

"One of the most interesting seminars I have attended in years. All that was taught will be used through out my career and life. AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++" FS, Director of Parks & Building Maintenance, IL

"The concepts give a nice framework for interpreting and living in the complex reality of local government." DC, Finance Director, IL

"The Midwest Leadership Institute is unlike any other training I have attended. The information conveyed by our presenters and the sharing of experiences from attendees provided an opportunity to focus on me as a person and on the people around me both at work and at home. Every leader, whether they are a new supervisor or a seasoned manager, will learn something critical about themselves and their team and how we can all be better connected." EB, Assistant Village Manager, IL

"The Midwest Leadership Institute "Helping local government navigate a complex world in a time of disruptive change" will enhance your depth of knowledge about yourself and how you can impact a situation by knowing how to use the various tools provided within this program. I have already shared the 2016 training flyer with a regional leadership team and am encouraging staff within our organization to attend the training next year." MH, Interim County Administrator, MN

~ Helping local government navigate a complex world in a time of disruptive change. ~