When was the Midwest Leadership Institute started and what is its mission?

The Midwest Leadership Institute (MLI) was created in May 2010, by then-City Managers David Limardi and Bob Kiely who saw the critical need to enhance the interpersonal skills of their management staffs. With the assistance of Morrison Associates, a professional services firm serving professional local government managers and their teams since 1976, the team created a unique educational experience designed to help individuals grow as leaders.

Participants at MLI are individuals at all levels of their organization identified as valuable assets who could benefit by enhancing their interpersonal leadership skills and finding positive ways to deal with their feelings. MLI assists participants in developing greater self-awareness and a better understanding of the underlying emotions of those they interact with.

As MLI started to grow, it contracted with NIU Center for Governmental Studies for management services and eventually was formally incorporated as an LLC in 2015.


To present an educational experience with intellectual depth and substance that focuses on the individual as leader and the person as a whole to encourage participants to connect interpersonally and emotionally to better lead themselves and others.

What can be expected as a result of attending the Institute?

An opportunity to discuss many of the most challenging interpersonal leadership questions facing local government management professionals today with two experienced local government professionals and two organizational psychiatrists who have served the profession for over 40 years. Organizational and individual performance issues will be discussed and dissected with suggested response strategies presented.

What is a typical day at the Institute?

The typical day is designed to allow the Institute leaders and the attendees to discuss real world leadership challenges that professionals face every day. The typical day blends lecture, discussions with peers and a facilitator in a small group setting and large group conversations focused on actual problems and work-related situations.

Who should attend the Institute?

Local government professionals and organizational leaders interested in advancing their career and contributing more to their organization and community. The program can benefit many levels of organizational leaders. Past participants have included chief administrative officers, department heads, assistants, deputies and other management level or future management level employees.

~ Helping local government navigate a complex world in a time of disruptive change. ~

Limardi Consulting

Morrison Associates

Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies

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