In order to get the most from participation in the Midwest Leadership Institute, we strongly suggest that you consider the following suggested activities before you arrive at NIU Naperville:

  1. Please spend some quiet, quality time thinking about:

    • Your personal expectations for participation in the Institute
    • Your strengths as a leader and areas where you would like to improve
    • A scenario in which you were involved that defines you as a leader
    • A situation in which you were involved that resulted in negative feelings or you felt had a negative outcome
    • A leader who you truly respect and admire and why
  2. Please carefully review the following documents which have been provided to you via email:

    1. The Midwest Leadership Institute Schedule
    2. Takeaways form the Midwest Leadership Institute
    3. Small Group Tasks and Goals for the Midwest Leadership Institute
  3. Please make arrangements at your workplace in order to take full advantage of your participation and not be burdened by regularly, daily work responsibilities.

Our goal is to have you leave the Institute intellectually motivated and satisfied, to help you meet your personal expectations for participation and for you to be a more confident and thoughtful leader and strategic thinker.

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