This class stands out as one of the best leadership classes/experiences of my career. The time taken to create an interactive class where we learn from each other as well as the presenters was evident. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to grow as a leader.

- SC, Battalion Chief/Training Officer, IL

As a leader who is not particularly comfortable with the interpersonal or emotional side of managing, I found this program to be very beneficial.

- MR, Director of Public Works, IL

I highly recommend the Midwest Leadership Institute.  It provides attendees with training that isn't available elsewhere and is critical to our success as servants to the public and our employees. Whether you're new to the profession or you've been a manager for several years, this training helps establish a new vocabulary and a new way of thinking for every attendee.

- LS, Assistant Village Administrator, IL

I found the "The Midwest Leadership Institute" comprehensive and a great fit for anyone in a leadership position.  The presenters provided a depth of knowledge and experience.  MLI also provided a great opportunity to learn from others in leadership positions during smaller group discussions.  Would recommend MLI to anyone in a leadership position!

- CA, ,Deputy Community Development Director, IL

I came into the training with an open mind and hoping for the best, as you do with most training opportunities. MLI opened my eyes to so many concepts and ideas to improve myself as a person, family member and most importantly, as a leader. This is a training handbook that for once, will not sit on my shelf, and I look forward to the Fall refreshers!

- AP, Development Services Director, WI

"I graduated college with a minor in Human Behavior because I was considering a career in counseling psychotherapy. Ultimately, my path led me to Human Resources. While I've enjoyed the challenges of my profession, for 20 years, I've searched for a clear correlation between the two interests. The past week connected the dots for me. Thank you."

- HN, Human Resource Coordinator, IL

"I'd recommend this education for anyone wishing to better understand the complexities of personal and interpersonal relationships and their impacts on and organization, and the need for two-way openness in order to successfully address the inevitable challenges."

- MS, Planning Manager, WI

"The MLI group are exceptional in what they do and I found this training to be an extremely valuable resource personally and professionally."

- SE, Executive Assistant, IL

"One of the most interesting seminars I have attended in years. All that was taught will be used through out my career and life. AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++"

- FS, Director of Parks & Building Maintenance, IL

"The concepts give a nice framework for interpreting and living in the complex reality of local government."

- DC, Finance Director, IL

~ Helping local government navigate a complex world in a time of disruptive change. ~